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Plant Sitters

Plant Sitters in Milwaukee

Plant Watering Services While You're Away on Vacation

Way too often, garden and plant sitting is left in the hands of inexperienced neighbors and friends. A single slip-up could easily harm any or all of your plants. For crotons to Calatheas, Critter Sitters offers affordable, expert plant and garden sitting services.


Professional Plant & Garden Sitters from Critter Sitters 

When you hire Critter Sitters’ plant and garden experts, you can rest assured knowing your plants are thriving. Don’t risk your green thumb for a vacation—let Critter Sitters watch over your leafy pals! 


We don't just keep your plants healthy—we keep your home safe, too. While you’re away, Critter Sitters performs basic housekeeping to make your home looked “lived-in” and safe, including:


Setting alarms
Turning lights on/off, and shifting curtain positions
Taking recycling/trash bins to/from the curb
Bringing all mail, packages and newspapers inside


Plant, Garden, Home & Pet Sitting

Plant sitting in Bay View, Walker's Point and Third Ward

Have a furry friend at home? Critter Sitters employs professional pet sitters for all types of animals, including:




Contact Critter Sitters today for more information about our plant sitting service. 

Critter Sitters provides plant sitting services throughout the Milwaukee area. Some of our most popular locations include: Bay View, Cudahy, Glendale, Greenfield, St. Francis, Wauwatosa, West Allis, Whitefish Bay, Third Ward, Walker’s Point, and the surrounding Wisconsin communities.