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Reptile Sitters

Reptile Sitter in Milwaukee, WI


Professional Exotic Pet Sitting 

Reptile boarding is expensive, largely unnecessary and dangerous to your reptile. While many pet boarders claim expertise in all pet care, their real knowledge lies in dogs and cats—leaving your herp unsafe and improperly cared for.


Whether you’re looking for sitters for a snake, gecko, iguana, bearded dragon or another herptile, Critter Sitters has got you covered.


Reptile Sitters & Professional In-Home Pet Care 

With Critter Sitters, you leave you reptile where it’s most comfortable—right at home. Critter Sitters provides quality 

Reptile and exotic pet sitting in Wisconsin

in-home pet care for all reptiles.


Our professional pet sitters are trained in how to properly handle and care for all types of reptiles. Our care schedule is entirely customizable; We come when you need us to, and care for your reptile to your every specification. 


Services Available from Critter Sitters


Reptile sitting and in-home care (feeding, handling at your discretion, etc.)
Services for reptiles with behavior issues
Medication administration
Pre- and post-operative care
General housekeeping (bringing mail inside, watering plants & ensuring home security)


Don't risk the health of your reptile with boarding. Let Critter Sitters ease the stress of separation while you’re away for you and your scaly friend. 


Have another pet at home? Critter Sitters offers in-home pet care for every animal, including: 


Plant Care




Contact Critter Sitters today for more information, or to schedule a reptile sitter



Critter Sitters provides reptile sitting services throughout the Milwaukee area. Some of our most popular locations include: Bay View, Cudahy, Glendale, Greenfield, St. Francis, Wauwatosa, West Allis, Whitefish Bay, Third Ward, Walker’s Point, and the surrounding Wisconsin communities.